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Caprice in White - Cake 8/16 pieces
Caprice in White - milk cream, cream and syrupy chocolate cakes, decorated with white and brown..
 French Country Cake - 8/16 pieces
French Country CakeHoney cake, cream and butter.Choose a Cake size from the Options:* Small cake - 8..
French blueberry cake - 8/16 pieces
French blueberry cakeBlueberry, white cream and honey cake.Choose a Cake size from the Options:* Sma..
Caprice in Red - Cake 8 pieces
Caprice in Red - Cocoa and coffee trays wrapped in a delicate combination of cream cheese,..
Garash Cake - 8/14 pieces
Garash Cake - Nut cake, chocolate cream.Choose a Cake size from the Options:* Small cake - 8 pi..
Sacher Cake - 8/16 pieces
Sacher Cake - Cocoa cake and apricot jam. Choose a Cake size from the Options:* Small cake..
William Cake - 8/12 pieces
William Cake - chocolate cream, pear  cream and chocolate cake. Choose a Cake size from th..
Baunty Cake - 8/12 pieces
Baunty Cake - Cocoa cake, coco-nuts and chocolate cream. Choose a Cake size from the Options:* ..
Strawberry Eclair Cake - 8/12 pieces
Strawberry Eklair Cake - Mini eclairs, fluffy light cream, nice strawberry filling.Choose a Cak..
White Eclair Cake - 8/12 pieces
White Eklair Cake - Milk cream, mini eclairs and white cream.Choose a Cake size from the Option..
Homemade Cookie Cake - 8/12 pieces
Homemade Cookie Cake - vanilla cream, crunch cookies and walnut. Choose a Cake size from the Op..
Blueberry Eclair Cake - 8/12 pieces
Blueberry Eklair Cake - Milk cream, mini eclairs and blueberry.   Choose a Cake size ..
Carrot Cake - 8/14 pieces
Carrot cake is a low-carbohydrate cake of carrots, raisins, walnuts, cocoa cakes, light vanilla crea..
Magnolia Cake - 8/14 pieces
Magnolia Cake - Yellow cream, chocolate cake and a lot of blackcurrant and strawberries.&n..
Japanese Cake - 8/14 pieces
Japanese Cake - cocoa and milk cream and chocolate chips Choose a Cake size from the Options:* ..
Fruit Cake - 8/14 pieces
Fruit Cake - milk cream, vanilla cake and fresh fruits. Choose a Cake size from the Options:* S..
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