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Milady # 3 - Bouquet and Fortune - Statuette

* Milady - Eustoma ( Lisianthus ) bouquet mix
Lisianthus is one of the most enchanting and elegant bushy flowers with delicate blossoms.
The bouquet of eustoma brings its own finesse and elegance.

Bouquet size:
1. Small bouquet ( 20 stems ) - 29 сm / 37 cm
2. Large bouquet ( 30 stems ) - 39 сm / 37 cm  

* Fortune - Statuette
Fortuna was the Roman goddess of happiness, success, luck.
This is Fortuna, who is the goddess of luck and happiness. Fortuna is one of the most revered goddesses. She had a dual influence on men as well as on the gods. over time, Fortuna became the goddess of luck and wealth. Her image with the cornucopia was struck on the imperial coins of Rome.
The figurine is precisely crafted from metal-coated polyresin. It is then colored by hand.
Suitable decoration for desks, libraries, cabinets, fireplaces.
Size of statuette: height 18 cm

In cases, when the original flowers are not available in Flower Exchange, we reserve the right to replace them with the season flowers.

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