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Saskia # 13 - Roses and Crystal Set Brandy Glasses - Opera

Saskia - Spray roses
Lovely bouquet of red spray roses with a beautiful ribbon.

Choose from options the size of the bouquet:
1. Small bouquet ( 10 stems ) - 20 сm / 37 cm
2. Large bouquet ( 20 stems ) - 29 сm / 37 cm

Crystal Set Brandy Glasses - Opera

A stylish set of 6 brandy glasses produced by the Italian company RCR Crystal. Treat yourself to finesse and beauty at the table with Italian quality and exquisite design.

* Cup diameter: 5.1 cm
* Height: 13.6 cm
* Capacity: 60 ml
* Material: crystalline 2.45% density

Comes in a gift box

When the original flowers are not available we reserve the right to replace them with similar at the same price.
Pay less if you buy the products in a packaged deal than if you bought them separately.