Gifts for men

Choose a gift for your father's day, a business party, or just to greet a friend

White Roses - Just Roses
White Roses - Just RosesWhite Roses - Only white roses with a beautiful  ribbon.White roses ar..
Yellow Roses - Just Roses
Yellow Roses - Just RosesYellow Roses - Only Yellow Roses with a beautiful  Ribbon. Send y..
Red roses and wine
Red roses and wine19 red roses bouquet and a bottle of wine.Select from the wine list below:Variant ..
Specially for You!  Roses & Wine
Specially for You!  Roses & Wine* Red Roses with ribbon* Prosecco - VILLA SANDISelect from ..
For a Special Day - Roses and Courvoisier VS Cognac
For a Special Day - Roses and Courvoisier VS Cognac* Red Roses with ribbon* Courvoisier VS CognacSel..
For someone special - roses, whiskey
For someone special - roses, whiskeyReally special gift!!! * Red Roses with ribbon* DIMPLE Scot..
Something special - Roses and whiskey
Something special - Roses and whiskey* Red Roses with ribbon* CHIVAS REGAL - Aged 12 years Premium S..
Specially Picked for You!
Specially Picked for You!* White Roses with ribbon* Cheval de Katarzyna - Cabernet SauvignonSelect f..
 DIMPLE Scotch Whisky
DIMPLE Scotch WhiskyDimple is a blended 15 years old scotch whisky. Dimple comes from the J. Haig di..
Jack Daniel's Single Barrel
A bottle of Jack Daniel's Single BarrelSingle Barrel Tennessee Whiskey70cl / 45%* Декларираме, че ал..
99 лв
CHIVAS REGALCHIVAS REGAL - Aged 12 years Premium Scotch Whiskey.40 % vol, 700ml Produce of Scot..
Courvoisier VS Cognac
Courvoisier VS CognacA fusion of young and old Cognac lends a fruity and delicate palate with a bouq..
Historical Chess Set
246 лв 199 лв
Historical chess set THE CRUSADES 3" SET This is the 3" (7.5 cm) version of the crusades s..
Knife and cigar case
Knife and cigar caseCase dimensions:* Length 17 cm,* Width 6 cm;Dimensions of the knife:* Length 9 c..
Black leather flask
38 лв 22 лв
Black leather flaskBottle stainless steel wrapped in black leatherette-type alligator Shipped i..
Beer stein - Gifts
76 лв 49 лв
Engraved Beer Stein - glass stein with pewter decoration *Happy Birthday* 0.5 L..
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