Gifts for women

Original gifts for the woman - mother, beloved, colleague, or business partner

Asia - Black pearl necklace
Asia - Black pearl necklacePearl Type: Freshwater Pearl - Fresh water pearlsPearl color: Black pearl..
Asia - Black Pearl Earrings
Asia - Black Pearl EarringsPearl Type: Freshwater Pearl - Fresh water pearlsPearl color: B..
Jaklin - Pinctada Necklace
Jaklin - Pinctada Necklace Natural pearl mussel from Pinctada MargaritiferaThe color is a combi..
Leila - Pink Pearl Necklace
Leila - Pink Pearl NecklaceType: Freshwater pearls - Fresh water pearlsColor: Pink, rose ashPearl si..
Elis - Silver Clover Bracelet
Elis - Silver Clover BraceletType of stone: ZirconiumSize of clover: 12mmLength: 18 cm (+ ..
Esmeralda - Red Tiger Eye Necklace
Esmeralda - Red Tiger Eye Necklace Type: Semi-precious stone Tiger's eyeColour: RedSize of ston..
Key chain Spider - Miss Girl
Key chain Spider - Miss GirlModern ladies key chain with crystals. Suitable accessory for ladies bag..
Jewelry Box Burgundy - New Wish Studio
Jewelry Box Burgundy - New Wish StudioDimensions:* Length: 22 cm;* Width: 16 cm;* Depth: 13 cm;Manuf..
Jewelry Box Brown - New Wish Studio
Jewelry Box Brown - New Wish StudioDimensions:* Length: 16 cm;* Width: 14 cm;* Depth: 13 c..
Set 4 plates - World of Cheese
Set 4 porcelain plates - World of CheeseDiameter: 19 cmDelivered in a special gift box.Easy Lif..
2 Tier Cake Plate PALACE GARDEN AQUA2 Tier Cake Plate in porcelain. This cake stand includes a ..
Set 4 porcelain plates - Season Flowers
Set 4 dessert porcelain plates - Season FlowersDiameter: 20 cmDelivered in a special gift box.Easy L..
2 Tier porcelain plates - World of Cheese
2 Tier porcelain plates - World of Cheese2 Tier porcelain plates in porcelain. This cheese..
Fortune - Statuette
Fortune - StatuetteFortuna was the Roman goddess of happiness, success, luck.A beautiful figure of a..
Owl - jewelry box
Owl - jewelry boxThe owl is a symbol of longevity, wisdom, knowledge, and erudition.It is thought to..
Eagle Owl - Statuette
Eagle Owl - StatuetteStatuette of metallic resin, massive workmanship with Italian design by Verones..
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