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Modern and noble cultured pearls create mood and shine 

Asia - Black Pearl Earrings
Asia - Black Pearl EarringsPearl Type: Freshwater Pearl - Fresh water pearlsPearl color: B..
Asia - Black pearl necklace
Asia - Black pearl necklacePearl Type: Freshwater Pearl - Fresh water pearlsPearl color: Black pearl..
Esmeralda - Red Tiger Eye Necklace
Esmeralda - Red Tiger Eye Necklace Type: Semi-precious stone Tiger's eyeColour: RedSize of ston..
Jaklin - Pinctada Necklace
Jaklin - Pinctada Necklace Natural pearl mussel from Pinctada MargaritiferaThe color is a combi..
Leila - Pink Pearl Necklace
Leila - Pink Pearl NecklaceType: Freshwater pearls - Fresh water pearlsColor: Pink, rose ashPearl si..
Jewelry Box Burgundy - New Wish Studio
Jewelry Box Burgundy - New Wish StudioDimensions:* Length: 22 cm;* Width: 16 cm;* Depth: 13 cm;Manuf..
Jewelry Box Brown - New Wish Studio
Jewelry Box Brown - New Wish StudioDimensions:* Length: 16 cm;* Width: 14 cm;* Depth: 13 c..
Owl - jewelry box
Owl - jewelry boxThe owl is a symbol of longevity, wisdom, knowledge, and erudition.It is thought to..
Mahogany jewelry box
97 лв 59 лв
Jewelry boxExquisite mahogany jewelry box and velvet interior trim. A small mirror is moun..
Lucia - Moonstone and Pearl Necklace
Lucia - Moonstone and Pearl NecklaceCultured pearl necklace and moonstone pendant in a silver c..
Chloe - Jewelry Set
93 лв 69 лв
Chloe - Jewelry Set18k Gold Plated Swarovski Elements Crystal Jewellery Set Necklace And Earings* Pe..
Saragossa - Jewelry Sets
Saragossa - Jewelry Sets 18k Gold Plated Swarovski Elements Crystal Jewellery Set Necklace And ..
Margot # 2 - Cultured pearl necklace
Margot # 2 - Cultured pearl necklace.* Size of pearls - 8 mm* Pearl necklace size - 78 cm* Colo..
Violet - Pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings
Violet - Pearl necklace, bracelet and earringsCultured white pearls necklace, earring, bracelet..
Nymph - Jewelry pearls
78 лв 59 лв
Nymph - Pearl necklace and earringCultured white and ecru pearls necklace and earring.* Size of Whit..
Julia - Pearls and stainless steel pendant necklace
Julia - Pearls and metal chain necklace* Size of pearls - 8 mm* Pearl necklace size - 88 cm* Co..
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