Wreaths and Souvenirs

Rich collection of gifts and souvenirs suitable decoration for your home

Spring Wreath - Easter Decoration
Spring Wreath - Easter Decoration Spring Wreath made of soft artificial flowers, bright fo..
Easter Wreath
Easter Wreath Easter Decoration Easter wreath on a straw base with decorative eggs and dry..
Easter Front Door Wreath
Easter Front Door WreathEaster wreath to decorate your front door or window сх the living room, rich..
Sunflowers Wreath
Sunflowers Wreath Easter Decoration Large Sunflowers Wreath made of soft artificial flower..
Easter Display - Table Top Decoration
Easter Display - Table Top DecorationEaster tray covered with moss, decorated with stone egg, bunny,..
Ceramic fruit tray - Salamander
Ceramic fruit tray - SalamanderDecorative ceramic platters 25 / 25 cm;..
Flowers vase - Gold flowers
Flowers vase - Gold flowersModern, elegant and refined glass flowers vase with hand-painted art deco..
Glacier - vase
119 лв
Glacier - lead-free crystal vaseMeasures: Diameter - 15,5 сmHeight - 28 сmNachtmannGerman..
Lion Statuette - Veronese
Lion statuetteMaterial: Polyresin.Dimensions: 16.5 / 8.5 / 19.5 cmManufacturer: Veronese..
Elephant Candlesticks 2 pieces
Elephant Candlesticks 2 piecesMaterial: Polyresin.Dimensions: 13.5 / 7.5 / 15 cmManufacturer: Verone..
Elephant figurine - Veronese
Elephant figurineMaterial: Polyresin. Dimensions: 30.5 / 13 / 32 cmManufacturer: Veronese ..
Cheetah figurine - Veronese
Cheetah figurineMaterial: Polyresin.Dimensions: 12.5 / 7 / 14.5 cmManufacturer: Veronese..
Elephant - Single
Elephant - SingleElephant with a newspaper drawing on the body. The elephant brings luck.There ..
Resin Dog Figurine
Labrador RetrieverLabrador Retriever Dog Figurine - 14 cm..
Key chain Red Owl - Miss Girl
Key chain Red Owl - Miss GirlA key chain in the shape of a dark red owl with large, vibrant crystal ..
Key chain brown fox - Miss Girl
Key chain brown fox - Miss GirlBrown fluffy fox - key chain ring of extremely soft and fluffy h..
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