Wreaths and Souvenirs

Rich collection of gifts and souvenirs suitable decoration for your home

Easter egg wreath
Easter egg wreath Easter decoration with eggs, dried flowers and artificial materials.Diameter:..
Easter Display - Table Top Decoration
Easter Display - Table Top DecorationEaster tray covered with moss, decorated with stone egg, bunny,..
Easter Wreath
Easter Wreath Easter Decoration Easter wreath on a straw base with decorative eggs and dry..
Easter Front Door Wreath
Easter Front Door WreathEaster wreath to decorate your front door or window сх the living room, rich..
Sunflowers Wreath
Sunflowers Wreath Easter Decoration Large Sunflowers Wreath made of soft artificial flower..
Spring Wreath - Easter Decoration
Spring Wreath - Easter Decoration Spring Wreath made of soft artificial flowers, bright fo..
Christmas Wreath # 6 - Unique!
Christmas Wreath # 6 - Unique!Handmade Christmas wreath richly decorated with natural cones, balls, ..
Hestia - Unique!! - Candle holders centerpieces
Hestia - Candle holders centerpiecesHandmade Christmas candle holderThe candle is in a glass candles..
Pine cone centerpiece
55 лв 49 лв
Pine cone centerpiece - Unique! This hand made pine cone centerpiece on a synthetic evergreen b..
Christmas Elf - Christmas Decor
Christmas ElfCute Christmas Elf with a red hat.Figurine size:* Height - 40 cm* Width - 18 ..
Snowman - Christmas Gift
Snowman - Christmas GiftDimensions:* Height - 32 cm* Width - 22 cm* Depth - 19 cm..
Christmas Wreath Decoration
Natural Christmas wreath - Unique!This hand made wreath on a synthetic evergreen boughs, richly..
Christmas bell wall decoration - Unique!
Christmas bell wall decoration - Unique!Handmade Christmas wall decoration on the bell of natur..
Juno - Unique! - Candle holder
Juno - Unique! Candle holder Beautifully painted glass plate and on it - aromatic candle. All t..
Corinth - Unique! - Aroma candlestick
Corinth - Unique! Aroma candlestick goblet Beautifully arranged glass goblet, and in it - aroma..
Hera - Unique! - Decorative candle
Hera - Unique! Decorative candle holder plateBeautifully painted ceramic bowl and on it - aromatic c..
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