Gourmet baskets
Serve a basket of treats, candy and wine to congratulate your loved ones on the holiday.
Healthy Christmas Basket
Healthy Christmas BasketOur woven basket includes:* 6 Kind of Assorted Cheese - 900 g;* Belgian Truf..
Many Thanks Gourmet Basket
Many Thanks Gourmet BasketThe Gourmet Basket includes: * 2 kind of Flat sausages - 350 g;* Salc..
Best of the best - Gourmet basket
Best of the best - Christmas gourmet basket Our woven basket includes: * Salchichon -..
A bountiful holiday harvest
A bountiful holiday harvestOur woven basket includes:* Smoked Salmon - 200 g;* 3 Kind of Flat Sausag..
A gourmet feast basket
A gourmet feast basketOur woven basket includes:* 3 kind of Flat Sausages - 540 g;* 4 kind of Yellow..
Festive feast gourmet basket
Festive feast gourmet basketOur woven basket includes:* Pastarmi - 200 g;* Fillet Elena - 200 g;* De..
Horn of Plenty - Gourmet Basket
Horn of Plenty - Gourmet BasketOur woven basket includes:* 3 kind of Flat sausages - 540 g;* 3 Kind ..
Happy holiday! - Gourmet basket
Happy holiday! - Gourmet basketOur woven basket includes: * LINDT Creation Dessert - 170 g;&nbs..
A world class boss basket
A world class boss basketOur woven basket includes:* Fillet Elena - 200 g;* Pastarmi - 200 g;* Salch..
LINDT and wine - Grand gourmet basket
LINDT and wine - Grand gourmet basket  Large gift basket with treats from the LINDT series..
Sweet hamper gourmet basket
Sweet hamper gourmet basketOur woven basket includes:* LINDT Lindor Ballotin - 250 g;* LINDT Lindor ..
Chocolate lovers basket
Chocolate lovers basketOur woven basket includes:  Variant 1* Grazioso chocolate - 200 g;* MOZA..
LINDT - The Grand Gourmet Basket
LINDT - The Grand Gourmet Basket  Chocolate Basket indeed !The basket full of excellent va..
Special Gourmet Basket
Special Gourmet BasketOur woven basket includes: * LINDT-Creation Dessert - 170 g;* Baked Almon..
Classic holiday gourmet basket
Classic holiday gourmet basketOur woven basket includes: * Salchichon - 400 g;* 3 Kind of Yello..
Delicious gift basket
Delicious gift basketOur woven basket includes: * Fillet Elena - lean pork meat - 200 g;* Pasta..
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