Choose a payment method:

1. еРау СВЯТ - Payments with international credit cards Visa, Visa Electron, и  MasterCard.

                  Pre-registration in ePaw is not required.

2. еРау - Payment with debit / credit cards registered in ePay.

3. PayPal - You will be redirected to the site where you can complete the payment. 

4. Bank transfer

Bank: First Investment Bank
IBAN: BG34 FINV 9150 10BG N00D A6
Title: "Margarita Branska"

Reason for payment: Provide your name

Please send us your order details by e-mail:

If your order is urgent, please send a copy of the payment order to

The bank transfer takes 3 business days, so make the order early.

If you pay by bank transfer from abroad, please make sure that the amount will cover the value of the order and the bank transfer fees. Otherwise, we do not guarantee the execution of the order.

Call the phone if necessary:
+359 2 827 38 95 or +359 888 72 33 94

5. Personally at the time of delivery - You can pay directly to the courier.

Applies only to deliveries in Sofia

Call us on 02 827 38 95 or 0888 72 33 94 in advance to accept the order and specify the payment address.

If you want to pay personally to your address, but to make delivery to another address, you will have to pay an additional 4.00

After receiving the payment, the courier will deliver the desired address.

 6. In cash at our place 

You can pay the order in cash at our place:

Margarita Branska
Lyulin bl.603 ap.24
Sofia 1336

Please call ahead of the phone!

7. By Posting 

You can pay for the postal order but only from Bulgaria:

Keep in mind that we'll get the payment after 2-3 business days. Do it earlier at:

Margarita Branska
Lyulin bl.603 ap.24
Sofia 1336

Please call in advance to accept the order by phone!

8. Western Union or MoneyGram

To pay with Western Union or MoneyGram, you must send us the payment details (Code number) and the order in e-mail.

Beneficiary: Margarita Ivanova Branska
Address: j.k. Liulin 6, bl 603, apt 24
Sofia 1336

For emergency deliveries - please email us or call us: +359 2 827 38 95 or +359 888 72 33 94