About us

Our sincere wish has always been to help you give the most joyous gifts possible to your close ones!

With that purpose in mind and during the whole of the past 12 years, we have worked to gain a wealth of valuable experience in hand designing, arranging and delivering bouquets, flower baskets and gifts both locally and across the country. 

We believe that flowers do express everything our hearts wish to say and that there can hardly be a better way to make someone feel truly special than by giving him or her a wonderful flowers. Our flowers are grown in most caring environments and are brought to your special ones straight from the doors of the best Dutch flowers cultivation experts. 

Our gifts are not just for those special ones away from you. We believe you can enjoy beauty yourself or even want to share it with the person next to you, for an upcoming birthday, long-awaited anniversary, or even just to say ‘thank you!’ We have prepared a range of flowers to bring beauty and the scent of freshness for exactly such occasions. You can never go wrong with a wonderfully arranged bouquet of fresh tulips intermingled with seasonal flowers, a sparkling combination that is most certain to uplift the spirit and convey your message of love, gratitude, respect and hope for the future. This is most certainly a tried and tested winner of a combination! 

You can always opt to go with our baskets full of tasty treats and special gifts, to tempt, seduce and even bring good spirit and harmony to the people that you love. All our gourmet baskets are hand-made made, wrapped exquisitely and ever an original and memorable gift for close friends and family. 

For work-related purposes and your network of business contacts, a choice from our selection of luxury business baskets may be most appropriate. Or you can decide that an opulent and truly long-lasting flowers arrangement is the best way to start your presentation, business negotiation or party on the right footing. 

We believe that flowers do bring style and harmony in any setting. Our arrangements of dried and non-living flowers seek to create the feeling of peace and Zen-like harmony even in the darkest corners of the home. And for the best lit places rich in sunshine we have a selection of potted flowers to bring joy and color. 

We love to celebrate the holidays with energy and spirit! For every holiday, be it a name day or a birth day, we have come up with a bunch of specially-prepared bouquets, flowers arrangements and flowers baskets. Our hope is that we give you plentiful choice of styles to choose from and select your own! To make everything easier for you we have also created special sections on the website.