Margarita Flowers delivers flowers, baskets and gifts anywhere in Bulgaria
For emergency supplies call us: +359 888 72 33 94 or +359 2 827 38 95

Flower delivery in Sofia and the surrounding area

* Deliveries in Sofia and Sofia area are free of charge. 

* We make delivery from 8.00 to 22.00.

If necessary, we deliver 24 hours a day, but the order must be made at least one day earlier.

* Delivery to Sofia - EXPRESS - Delivery the same day.

We can make delivery the same day but after contacting us by phone to specify the details of the order.

Order up to 10:00 Bulgarian time on the day of delivery.

* Please send us full information about the shipping address and the recipient's сеll phone.

* Sofia district includes:  Bankia, Bistritca, Bojurishte, Botunetc, Boiana, Busmantci, Voluiak, German, Gniliane, Gorni Bogorov, Gorni Lozen, Gorubliane, Darvenitca, Dolni Bogorov, Dolni Lozen, Kazichane, Kokaliane, Kremikovtci, Krivina, Kubratovo, Kurilo, Lokorsko, Miroviane, Mramor, Negovan, Novi Iskar, Pancharevo, Podgumer, Simeonovo, Svetovrachane, Trebitch, Tchelopetch, Tchepintci...

Flower delivery in the country

* For deliveries outside Sofia MargaritaFlowers use third party courier services that guarantee high quality and reliability. So our clients take the real bouquets or arrangements they have chosen from our site.

* Flowers are shipped in a specially designed box, and are placed in a container with water which guarantees freshness.

* Shipping outside of Sofia in major cities takes 2 business days.

For example, to deliver your flowers on Tuesday, we need to get the order on Monday before 12 at noon. Deliveries in shorter terms are not guaranteed.

* Deliveries outside Sofia in the small settlements (villages) take 2-3 working days. For example, to deliver your order on Wednesday, we need to get it on Monday before 12 at noon. Deliveries in shorter terms are not guaranteed.

* A Saturday delivery for big cities is possible.

To deliver your order on Saturday, we need to get it on Friday before 12 at noon.

* We can not make the same day delivery to the country.

* We can not make Sunday and Monday delivery to the country!

Exceptionally, we can only deliver gifts, gourmet baskets and gift baskets, but without fresh flowers. We can send them on Friday to be delivered on Monday.

* We can not guarantee the exact delivery time for delivery in the country! Flowers and gifts are sent the day before delivery. They are delivered the next day between 9:00 and 17:00.