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Gabriella # 8 - Bouquet of lisianthus and Gerz Tree of Life Beer Mug

* Gabriella - Eustoma ( Lisianthus ) bouquet
Lisianthus is one of the most enchanting and elegant bushy flowers with delicate blossoms.
The bouquet of eustoma brings its own finesse and elegance.

Bouquet size:
1. Small bouquet ( 10 stems ) - 20 сm / 37 cm
2. Large bouquet ( 20 stems ) - 29 сm / 37 cm  

* Gerz Tree of Life Beer Mug
Original glass beer mug with comfortable handle. Exquisite picturesque decoration-tile with a detailed ship of tin and silver.

* Diameter - 8 cm
* Height - 15 cm
* Capacity - 500 ml.

Manufacturer: Mugs for beer GERZ
Made in Austria.

When the original flowers are not available, we reserve the right to replace them with similar flowers at the same price.

Pay less if you buy the products in a packaged deal than if you bought them separately.