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Red roses and wine

19 red roses bouquet and a bottle of wine.

Select from the wine list below:

Variant 1
* Minkov Brothers - Sauvignon Blanc;

Variant 2
* Minkov Brothers - Merlot;

Variant 3
* Prosecco - VILLA SANDI;

Variant 4
* Adrien Romet - Rose;

Variant 5
* DIMPLE Scotch Whisky;

Variant 6
* Cheval de Katarzyna - Merlot;

Variant 7
* ENIRA - Cabernet;

Variant 8
* SHERIDAN*S - Coffee Layered Liqueur;

 The combination of roses and wine is a wonderful gift for a friend or colleague!

* Декларираме, че алкохолните напитки, които се предлагат в нашия електронен магазин са закупени от лицензирани магазини, дължимият акциз е заплатен, а бутилките са с бандерол.

We declare that the alcoholic beverages offered in our online store are purchased from licensed stores, the due excise duty is paid, and the bottles are with excise stamps.