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Set of 6 wine glasses - Opera in gift basket
If you want a really unique gift, then this is the one to make! 

The basket includes: 
* Charles Lafitte Brut - Champagne France;

* MARCIE - Chocolates 250 g;
* Set of 6 Wine Glasses Opera
Elegant set of 6 glasses for white or red wine.
The cups are designed for true connoisseurs of the drink of the gods. Give yourself the finesse and beauty of the table with Italian quality and exquisite design.
Shipped in a special gift box 
Crystalline 2.45% density.
Made in: RCR Crystal;

It's all wrapped up and tied with a beautiful ribbon, a really unique gift for someone special!
* Декларираме, че алкохолните напитки, които се предлагат в нашия електронен магазен са закупени от лицензирани магазини, дължимият акциз е заплатен, а бутилките са с бандерол.