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Musical Santa Violin gift basket

Our woven basket includes:
* LINDT Creation Dessert - 170 g;
* Musical Santa Claus with a violin playing "Silent Night, Holy Night";
* Christmas Decoration;


Variant 1
* Lovico - Merlot; 

Variant 2
* Jean Pierre Hottinger - Sparkling Wine;

Variant 3
* Prosecco - VILLA SANDI; 

Variant 4
* Minkov Brathers - Cycle - Sauvignon Blanc;

Variant 5
* Cheval de Katarzyna - Cabernet Sauvignon;

Variant 6
* Courvoisier VS French Cognac

Variant 5
* SHERIDAN'S - Coffee Layered Liqueur;

Variant 8 
* Luxardo Amaretto;

It's all wrapped up and tied with a beautiful ribbon, ready to give as a gift to friends who love to party!

* Декларираме, че алкохолните напитки, които се предлагат в нашия електронен магазин са закупени от лицензирани магазини дължимият акциз е заплатен, а бутилките са с бандерол.