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Claudia # 9 - Eustoma bouquet and Set of 2 whiskey glasses - Grapes

* Claydia - Eustoma ( Lisianthus ) bouquet
Lisianthus is one of the most enchanting and elegant bushy flowers with delicate blossoms.
The bouquet of eustoma brings its own finesse and elegance.

Bouquet size:
1. Small bouquet ( 10 stems ) - 20 сm / 37 cm
2. Large bouquet ( 20 stems ) - 29 сm / 37 cm  

* Set of 2 whiskey glasses - Grapes 
The set consists of 2 pcs. crystal whiskey glasses with a square design. Stylish pewter and silver alloy decoration in the shape of a detailed inlaid ship.
The set comes in a luxurious blue wooden box lined inside with satin.
Manufacturer: Glassware FREITAS & DORES   Portugal

When the original flowers are not available we reserve the right to replace them with similar at the same price.
Pay less if you buy the products in a packaged deal than if you bought them separately.