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Charlotte - Roses and Necklace, fluorescent stone

Charlotte - Spray roses bouquet

Lovely bouquet of orange roses spray with a beautiful ribbon. 

Choose from options the size of the bouquet:
1. Small bouquet ( 10 stems ) - 20 сm / 37 cm
2. Middle bouquet ( 15 stems ) - 25 сm / 37 cm
3. Large bouquet ( 20 stems ) - 29 сm / 37 cm  

Classy Lady - Necklace, fluorescent stone
Type of stone: fluorescent, semi-precious stone, pink
Size of the element: 2 cm
Chain length: 44 cm (+ 4 cm extension)
About the stone: The fluorescent stone increases concentration and diligence. It is a soothing stone that brings peace of mind and fullness and improves mental abilities.

When the original flowers are not available we reserve the right to replace them with similar at the same price. 

Pay less if you buy the products in a packaged deal than if you bought them separately.