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Rosie # 3 - Roses and Key chain

* Rosie - Roses bouquet
Only pink roses bouquet with a beautiful ribbon. 

Choose from options the size of the bouquet:
1. 7 roses - 18 сm / 30 сm;
2. 9 roses - 22 сm / 30 сm;
3. 19 roses - 25 сm / 37 сm;

* Keychain Fluffy glasses
Modern women's keychain with pink down from natural hair. Suitable accessory for a handbag or backpack. The look is complemented by glasses and eyelets that peek out of the pink fluff.
A wonderful gift for a loved one.

* Diameter: 5.5 cm
* Length: 12 cm
* Manufacturer: Miss Girl
The keychain is delivered in a luxury gift box with dimensions 8.8 cm x 8.8 cm, height - 6 cm.

When the original flowers are not available, we reserve the right to replace them with similar flowers at the same price.

Pay less if you buy the products in a packaged deal than if you bought them separately.