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Monica # 1 - Flowers &  Decanter Set

* Monica - Tulip bouquet

Bright and delightful floral gift of red tulips, to be remembered. Great for any celebration. 
Flowers delivery to someone special in your life. Make loved ones to smile 

Select the number of flowers in the bouquet:
1. Bouquet of 9 tulips - 17 сm / 27 сm; 
2. Bouquet of 19 tulips - 22 сm / 27 сm;
3. Bouquet of 29 tulips - 27 сm / 27 сm;
4.Bouquet of 39 tulips - 33 сm / 27 сm;

* Decanter Set & 6 Shot Glasses
* Set for aperitif / brandy / bottle and 6 pcs. cups made of glass.
* The bottle has an innovative fourth shape and a stable cork stopper with a metal part.
* The set is decorated with a large metal cluster of grapes with leaves, well-detailed, alloy of tin and silver.
* Dimensions:
   Bottle capacity - 700 ml
   Capacity of glasses - 50 ml.

Manufactured by ARTINA, Austria.
The company is world recognized with the exact form of execution and precise handmade work, meeting the highest standards and guaranteeing high quality.
Each ARTINA product is made of tin alloy with at least 95% tin.

You will get the service in a luxurious gift box.

In cases, when the tulips are not available in Flower Exchange, we reserve the right to replace them with the season flowers.

Pay less if you buy the products in a packaged deal than if you bought them separately.