Dried flowers
Dried flowers arrangement for any place in your home or for any season
Vanessa - Unique! - Table top decoration
Vanessa - Unique - Table top decorationIf you want a truly unique gift, it is the gift you are ..
Alexandria - Unique!! - Silk flowers
Alexandria - Unique!! - Silk flowers arrangementIf you want a truly unique gift, it is the gift you ..
Teresa - Unique! - Wall decoration
Teresa - Unique! - Wall decoration3D wall decoration - Artificial flowersIf you want a truly Un..
Camille - Unique!! - Silk flowers
Camille - Silk Flowers Arrangement - UniqueIf you want a truly unique gift, it is the gift you ..
Olympia - Aroma candlestick - Unique!
Olympia - Aroma candlestick goblet - Unique!Beautifully painted glass goblet, and in it - aroma..
Juno - Unique! - Candle holder
Juno - Unique! Candle holder Beautifully painted glass plate and on it - aromatic candle. All t..
Corinth - Unique! - Aroma candlestick
Corinth - Unique! Aroma candlestick goblet Beautifully arranged glass goblet, and in it - aroma..
Hestia - Unique!! - Candle holders centerpieces
Hestia - Candle holders centerpiecesHandmade Christmas candle holderThe candle is in a glass candles..
Oscar - Dry flower arrangement on a bottle
Oscar - Dry flower arrangementDry flower arrangement on a bottle - perfect birthday present. &n..
Hera - Unique! - Decorative candle
Hera - Unique! Decorative candle holder plateBeautifully painted ceramic bowl and on it - aromatic c..
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